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New Releases 11/8/12:



  • RVBX: 10 years of Red vs. Blue (blu/dvd) – One of the first machinima series and still one of the best. Get the last 10 years collected for your viewing pleasure
  • Amazing Spider-man (blu/dvd) – Relaunch of the Spider-man series with a new focus and lead actor. It’s promising. I liked that Gwen Stacy is the romantic lead.
  • Golden Boy: The Complete Series (dvd) – While rediculously fan-service-riffic, this is a very well animated and hilarious anime. Not for children or the very snooty, it’s low brow and revels in it.
  • Fire with Fire (blu/dvd) – A first hand witness to a brutal murder is forced to fight back when his witness protection is breeched
  • Deathship (blu/dvd) – A cruise liner mysteriously colides with a cargoship. The survivors take refuge on the cargo ship which seems to have an evil life of its own
  • Authur Christmas (blu/dvd) – Santa’s high tech gift giving system misses one present and it’s up to a group of unlikly heros to get the last present delieverd

Video Games:



  • Deadpool #1 – The lighter side of Marvel Now
  • Iron Man #1 – Marvel Now heavy hitter


  • Annotated Sandman Vol.2 hardcover – This collection gives some detail into the references both historical and literary of Neil Gaimen’s work, as well as collecting together these awesome stories.
  • Before Watchmen: Moloch #1 – continuing and expanding the Before Watchmen franchise.
  • Nassica of the Valley of Wind: box set. The complete story in two volumes and a lovely slipcase
  • Freelancers #1 – What do a pair of kung fu orphans do when then grow up? Bounty Hunt
  • Storm Dogs #1 – A new space series following a crew sent to investigate a series of mysterious deaths
  • Broodhollow – The strange tale of a encyclopedia sales man and a mysterious letter that tells him to come to Broodhollow. From the creator of Starslip, this tale focuses more on the supernatural.

Tunes for 11/8/2012

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Caleb’s Corner:

  • Modbook – the ultimate artist’s macbook

Joe’s Entertainment News:


The Core:

 Discussion Topic:

  • We discuss Bond, James Bond.  Special Guest Collin gives us a history of Bond, and his top 5 Bond films.

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