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On this week’s show the Humans (Joe, Caleb and Jason) discuss Part 1 of their best of 2015!

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Geek Talk

We go over our favorite things from 2015, including our “Most Anticipated For” lists from the beginning of that year.

New Releases

In Theaters:

  • 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi – An American Ambassador is killed during an attack at a U.S. compound in Libya as a security team struggles to make sense out of the chaos.
  • Norm of the North – A polar bear of many words, Norm’s greatest gripe is simple: there is no room for tourists in the Arctic. But when a maniacal developer threatens to build luxury condos in his own backyard, Norm does what all normal polar bears would do…he heads to New York City to stop it.
  • Ride Along 2 – The sequel to Ride Along.
  • The Benefactor – A newly married couple (Dakota Fanning and Theo James) are forced to navigate the all-consuming interest of a powerful, mysterious, and possessive philanthropist (Richard Gere).


  • Death of a Bachelor by Panic! At the Disco – The fifth full-length studio release for the rock band led by Brandon Urie was produced by Jake Sinclair.
  • Confessions of a Romance Novelist by The Anchoress – The debut full-length release for the Welsh singer-songwriter Catherine Ann Davies was co-produced with Paul Draper.

Video Games:

  • Gone HomeNew release Jan 12, 2016 on PS4, XONE – First Released Aug 15, 2013 – PC, MAC, LNX
  • Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India – Coming Jan 12, 2016 – PS4, XONE, PC
  • The Banner SagaNew release Jan 12, 2016 on PS4, XONE, VITA – First Released Jan 14, 2014 – PC, MAC, IOS, AND, LNX
  • That Dragon, Cancer – Coming Jan 12, 2016 – PC, OUYA


  • The Martian – Blu/DVD – An astronaut is stranded on Mars. Now he has to figure out how to survive till he can be rescued. He’s gonna have to science the **it out of this.
  • The Second Mother – Blu/DVD – A dramedy from Brazil about a woman that makes the hard choice to leave her family so that she can take a job as a house keeper for a rich family in the city. The story examines the struggles of class and family.
  • Hotel Transylvania 2 – Blu/DVD – It’s family culture shock in this sequel. Mavis is visiting her human in-laws while Dracula is introducing his half vampire grandson to Vlad. Things become even more complicated when Vlad finds out that Dracula has relaxed the “monsters only” policy at the Hotel Transylvania!



  • Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2 – The turtles are far from the world they know, and when they cross paths with The Dark Knight they find their skills are put to the test. Also Bruce and Lucius turn their attention to where this pack of mysterious ninja come from. Meanwhile The Shredder makes a pact with The Penguin.


  • All New All Different Avengers #3 – The Warbringer is aptly named. Now he has brought war to earth, and it doesn’t look good for our Avengers. If Ms. Marvel and Nova could join together instead of butting heads we may pull through.

Dark Horse

  • Rebels #10 – A story told from the stand point of one of the Red Coats. The story goes from the Boston Massacre to King’s Mountain!


  • The Walking Dead #150 – it’s a 40 page anniversary extravaganza
  • Black Jack Ketchum #2 (of 4) – Tom is pressed into service as a small town’s sheriff. But the quest for “Black Jack” must continue or will the Judge and the Dusters catch Tom first?

IDW Publishing

  • Back to the Future #4 – Doc was not the first the visit the past, and what other secrets is he holding?

Wow Cool Recommends!

  • Rosalie Lightning – the heartbreaking tale by Tom Hart about losing his first child.

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