Robots Attack 019

Episode 19 of the Main Show!  Listen live on Thursdays  from 7pm to 9pm on 103.3 FM KSCU Santa Clara, or online at

Tunes for 5/3/2012:

  • Shake the Ground by Cherri Bomb from This is the End of Control
    The Answer by The J. Davis Trio from Vintage
    R U Mine? by Arctic Monkeys from R U Mine?
  • My Girl by Yukon Blonde from Tiger Talk
    Someone Else by The Sweaters from Phylum


Robot Story:

The Core:


  • New Releases to find out what came out.
  • DVD/Blu-ray

    A Bright Shining Lie DVD – from HBO Mod – Vietnam movie featuring Bill Paxton
    About a Boy Blu-ray – Universal Home Video – romantic comedy with Hugh Grant, Nicholas Hoult and Sharon Small
    Casablanca : 70th Anniversary – Blu/DVD
    CHiPs – s1 & s2 – DVD
    Clueless – Bluray;
    Deep Blue Sea/The Long Kiss Goodnight/Snakes On A Plane – Blu-ray set
     Haywire – DVD/Blu
     Mimic – 3 movie set – Blu/DVD
    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 DVD


  • Marvel:

    Age of Apocalypse #3 – if you just can’t get enough; Avengers: Black Widow Strikes #1 of 3
  • DC:

    Sweet Tooth – very odd but well written and illustrated; Earth 2 #1 – revive the second world of DC heroes – although I thought Crisis on Infinite Earths closed Earth 2 for good. Well I guess it’s as dead as Jean Grey
  • Indie:

    Dark Horse: Skeleton Key One Shot – a nice way to try out something new
    Indie: XO: Manowar – Valiant is making a comeback
  • Web:

    Max Overacts – – lovingly illustrated and wicked funny, will occasionally feel like Calvin and Hobbes, but in a good, not a rip off way. Excellent example –



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