Robots Attack 017

Episode 17 of the Main Show!  Listen live on Thursdays  from 7pm to 9pm on 103.3 FM KSCU Santa Clara, or online at

Tunes for 4/19/2012:

  • White Rabbits: Hold it to the Fire from Milk Famous
    The Chieftains: When the Ship Comes In from Voice of Ages
  • Charlotte Gainsbourg Live: Paradisco from Stage Whisper
    The Spiracles: End of the Affair from How Things Went When I Met You


Robot Story:

Joe’s Lists:

The Core:


  • New Releases
    • for movie releases of the week.
  • DVD/Blu-ray
    • 7 Below (b/d), American Dad Vol. 7, Backdraft (b/d), Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Ultimate Ending (d), Blake of Scotland Yard (d), Bob’s Burgers s1 (d), Buck Privates (b) – Abbot & Costello, Children of Men (b), Conan the Barbarian & Destroyer (b), Conan the Adventurer (d) s2d2, Crew 2 Crew (d) – looks like a dance battle movie, Dance off the Inches (in 2 varieties): Hip Hop Body Blast & Sizzling Salsa, Doorway to Hell (d), End of Days (d/b), Eight is Enough s1 (d), Fast & Furious (d), Grateful Dead: All the Years Combine: The DVD Collection (d), Green Zone (b/d), Halloween: Resurrection (b), Hanna (d), Harold & Maude (b/d), High Road to China (b/d) – Tom Seleck not bad but not great, Jarhead (b), Legend (b/d), The Man on the Train (d), Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (b/d), Pitch Black (b), Prophesy & Hellraiser Complete Miramax Collection (d), Public Enemies (b/d), Robotropolis (d), Sanctum (d/b), Serenity (b), Shaun the Sheep: Sheer Madness (d), Starman complete series (d), The Eagle (b/d), The Last Starfighter (d), The Mummy Returns & Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (b), The Scorpion King and Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior (b/d), U-571 (b/d), Young Justice s1d1-3 (d)


  • Marvel:
    • Marvel: Scarlet Spider (Brian Yost – writer) seems to churning out solid stories, Venom another solid choice – seem to be on a spiderman kick
  • DC
    • DC: Night of Owls – multi title cross over (scott snyder – writer, greg capullo – art); Birds of Prey – Duane Swierczynski (writer) Jesus Saiz (art) – Saiz is critized for drawing all the the same faces but seems that his story telling and ability to keep the characters sexy w/o stepping into cheesecake land is winning over readers
  • Indie:
    • Indie: The Beauty (first issue preview – ); The Secret Service – Mark Millar (writer) and Dave Gibbons (art), Saga #2, The Shadow #1 Garth Ennis (writer) Aaron Campbell (art) – lets forget the movie and tip our hat to the pulp icon that helped usher in the modern hero comic,
  • Web:
    • Web: Deliah Dirk – – really beautiful line and physical movement and a really well written story. – Currently up for an Eisner – Full list: ; voting page –


Beware the Batman – First 3D CGI series

Silent Hill 2 – comes to the states with Open Road Pictures

Norwegian terrorist(?) claims Moder Warfare game was his training ground –

Assassin’s Creed a copyright infringement? –

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